Julian visited me at work yesterday. Well, it was more like the entire family and I visited my workplace. We do that every now and then when we need to make color printouts for one of Megan’s school projects.

During our visit, I noticed Julian was busy writing in one of my notepads. Before you know, it was time to leave — and he left the notepad there on my desk, next to my computer keyboard.

As I came into the office this morning, much to my surprise — I read what he wrote. And it occurred to me — of all the times that I tell him… of all the times that I hug him and tell him… I thought he wasn’t really listening… You see, along with my all my family, he’s precious… and as busy as I get, I don’t ever want to be known as one of those types of fathers. So I tell him… I hug him, and I tell him … I tell him that I will always be there for him. He just has to believe.

Even at times when I thought he was not listening… it really did sink in.

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