Finally had some time to complete and publish a small collection of songs! If I learned anything in this past year, I learned that it’s important to just put something out there – to express oneself. It’s certainly not about fame and it’s certainly not about fortune, but as long as there’s the ability to place a “time capsule” of sorts out there publicly, in a mostly permanent fashion, then we should take advantage of this.

Alike finding old photographs in the attic — a sense of relatability and purpose can exist. The idea is that this body of work can be referenced one day — someone a few generations to come, or even maybe my own offspring, or even myself, can open this up and say, back in the day, this occurred.

So each of these songs has some meaning, more or less, to our personal lives and makes up our own historical makeup. The EP titled “Welcome California” is really a throw forward to where we reside today — in the Golden State. Ironically, however, “Welcome California” is still a song that resides in me that rears a melody and a lyrical line every now and then – it’s starting to sound like a cross between John Mayer and James Taylor-ish. Perhaps one day.

For the time being, click on the most appropriate link below and have a listen. Much appreciated! 🥰

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