1 Year Ago, Tonight… I Miss You Ba…

I miss you.  Tonight, well exactly one year ago, tonight, I went to bed with an uneasiness.  I knew things weren’t right, nor would they ever turn to be.  I tried calling you in the evening.  I wondered if it would be the last time — I wondered if...

Wrote “Welcome California” AFTER the EP

https://youtu.be/7Hbh_aiZ09c I know. I know. I released an EP titled "Welcome California" and there's actually no track on there called "Welcome California." But it has been lingering on my mind and I knew it was just a matter of time before it surfaced. I wanted to...

Album Dropped! Wo! 😘

Finally had some time to complete and publish a small collection of songs! If I learned anything in this past year, I learned that it's important to just put something out there - to express oneself. It's certainly not about fame and it's certainly not about fortune,...

Happy Birthday Ba.. I Miss You

The other day was your Birthday Ba. December 7th to be exact. I miss you. This was the first year I didn't mail you a Birthday card for the longest that I can remember. I really miss that. I prayed of course. I lit up an incense and hope that you heard me. I mean, I...

I Created a Music Site (Finally)

I finally finally finally.. yes, finally created a music website. Its really just a splash page, but its at least something -- a presence on the Internet they say. Hey, if you ever get curious, click on over to peternknight.com. Much appreciated! -Peter

I Voted for Biden – Harris (It’s Personal. Very Personal)

Election activities were just completed and after a harrowing amount of days counting votes, Joe Biden is the new President-Elect and Kamala Harris is the new Vice President-Elect. I could not be happier. Historically, this election yielded the most votes ever and...
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Pandemic Timings

Pandemic Timings

As I was progressing through my nightly routine, I realized I’ve started coming up close to completing my second bottle of Listerine - these huge bulk sized jugs that we get only a couple of times a year from Costco. Of course, this makes me...

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by Oct 26, 2020

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