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…Or was it, “The Other Boleyn Girl” I probably botched it up. Oh well. It was a cool movie, but that isn’t the point. The point is that I have not been to a movie theatre in years. And it really is just such an amazing experience.

It was last Monday and this IM zooms across my screen:

Elizabeth: hello.
PeterKnight: hi
Elizabeth: we have a date tonight.
PeterKnight: we do?
Elizabeth: the movie starts at 7:20pm
Elizabeth: 7:35 to 10:20pm
PeterKnight: ?
Elizabeth: yes, you’re going to take me out on a date.
PeterKnight: i have some work to take care of tonight, remember?

Which was then followed by a:

Elizabeth: (…click) Elizabeth is offline.

Yeah, I could feel the tension through IM too – can cut it with a knife. Well, needless to say – it’s 7:35pm and we find ourselves sitting in the movie theatre and between us is this gallon size Coca-Cola that we purchased for like five dollars. But we’re giddy and happy, and that’s what counts.

The weird thing is that I’ve forgotten what it was like being in a movie theatre. The last movie I saw in a theatre was Rocky V, and the movie before that was Spider-Man III. I do notice a couple of neat things about the movies that I’ve forgotten.

The screen is huge. The sound is loud.

And, oh man, I’ve really missed watching the previews – they were always my favorite. One of the previews was for the upcoming movie, “Sex and the City,” or what we affectionately call, “The Carrie Show,” around the house. And Elizabeth is a huge fan. I actually got her the Carrie DVD gift box set for our anniversary. From time to time, she’ll have her own little Carrie marathon and pop in one DVD in after another and just watches them back to back.

So the preview flashes across the screen before us, and we’re getting more excited by the second.

“Oh! That’s Mr. Big!”
“Hey! That’s New York! Looks like spring time!”
“You miss bagels too? They are sooo good.”
“Do they look a little bit older to you?” “Yeah, it’s supposed to have been 10 years or something like that…” “Nooo..” “Oh yeahh!!!” “Nooo..” “Yeahhh” “That’s *sooo* cool.”

We’re just feeling the harmony, the quan, the togetherness is just overwhelming, “Oh man!” I cheer, “Can’t wait to go and see this huh?”
Elizabeth suddenly grows quiet,  “Umm, you’re not coming with me.”

Yeah, that was a little bubble buster. Guess she has already made plans with her friends to go see that very movie, and they’ve been waiting for months for it to hit the silver screen. I know.  Guess the lesson is that life is sometimes weird like that.  And eventually, we all wind up with watching DVDs.

BTW – I really did enjoy The Other Boleyn Girl. Good flick.

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