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So the background behind Julian’s name is that initially Elizabeth and Megan liked the named Ian.  I actually liked the name Ian too. One always relates names to others they have known about throughout their lives – there was this guy at summer camp who was the “cool” guy.  You know, the guy guy – a very hetero thing mind you.  Anyhow, he was the guy who was taller than everyone, reached puberty before everyone, wore cool t-shirts, played sports well, was nice to everyone, and was your all around cool dude.  That was Ian.

So, when I initially heard of the name Ian, I thought, ‘Man, now that’s a cool name.’ 

Then followed the impracticalities – You see, Megan’s Vietnamese name is Yen, which phonetically, is pronounced Ian, but with an upward accent as though someone were asking the question, “Ian?”  Yep. Like that.  So I thought to myself, looked at Megan, and asked, “What if mommy hears some commotion upstairs and then yells up to you guys, ‘Hey Ian!?’  Would you know who she was referring to?”

Instinctively she points away from herself to her (at the time) imaginary brother – must be hereditary.  I’m so proud.

Well, Megan was just heartbroken that we weren’t going to name the baby Ian and for the longest time, she still referred to Julian as Ian.  I don’t think it’s been until after a week when Julian was home from the hospital before she started actually calling him Julian.

We also thought of the name Logan.  I always related this to Logan’s Run – the first sci fi flick my sister brought me to the theater to watch.  But this sounded too similar to Megan.  Megan and Logan.  Yeah, it just didn’t jive. 

I’ve always liked the name Julian and it always had an artistic appeal to it.  Dunno.  Maybe people relate the name to Julian Lennon or something.  And, I thought, well, Ian is actually spelled out in the name Julian so we let Megan know that Ian can be short for Julian… so there you go.

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