Last week was a very special week where Megan and I spent all of it in New York City – just herself and I visiting the Grandparents (my parents).  Due to work, Elizabeth flew out later and joined us for the remainder of the trip for Memorial Day weekend.

Like I was saying, it was very special for it was the first time where I had to take care of Megan without the help of Elizabeth.  Oh sure, I’ve taken care of her for a few hours here and a night there especially when Elizabeth has to work the night shift at the hospital, but never had I had to play the role of single Dad for days on end – it’s basically live without a net.  But I have to say, it was most enjoyable and admittingly, Megan made it pretty easy for me.  We basically had a blast.  And between all the fun, I managed to reconfirm and learn a few things.

  • Yes, New York City is over-crowded.
  • Yes, the city never sleeps.
  • New York City has to be one of the most unique cities in the world.
  • New Yorkers are the most loyal people, and also the most f-ing rudest at the same time. That’s right. I said it.
  • New York breeds the most successful people in the business world.
  • New York also breeds the most lazy people.
  • I miss New York.
  • Megan is a great little girl.
  • One can bully other cars if your car is bigger. Also helps if your car is a rental.
  • One can bully pedestrians around with a big wet umbrella.
  • I can carry Megan for about 2 city blocks before my arms start to ache.
  • People get upset when you try and bully them around.  New Yorkers cuss a lot when they get upset.
  • Cussing back is appropriate behavior. Hand gestures also helps emphasize the point.
  • Calling someone fat and ugly while motioning blah blah blah with one’s hand is funny.  At least I thought it was.
  • Can go for Gelato at midnight in Little Italy and still have to wait in line for seats.
  • The Subway fare is $2 and kids under 7 ride free.
  • One should pace their restroom visits throughout the day.
  • I miss New York.
  • Megan is a darling.
  • I have to admit, I was a bit nervous.  I mean, Megan generally is very well behaved.  She’s not one of these kids that sees empty pastures and makes a run for the hills leaving the parents hollering after them like hyenas on steroids.  She usually does stay by my side and holds my hand.  I guess I was more worried about accidentally losing her in the crowd. People generally walk at a very fast pace and without looking down to notice Megan, she may get trampled or get pushed off to the side.  I’ve even contemplated getting one of those rubber key-chain like leashes, just so we can’t get separated.  I even had the paranoia of children snatching as well, although I haven’t heard of that happening too often in New York City.

    Well, I’ll let you know that my fears went thankfully unfounded and we had little problems navigating our way around the city.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that I rented out a tank of a car and this enabled me to bully us through a lot of rough spots as well.

    A cool addition to our trip was taking some neat photos using my BlackBerry phone.  Megan also got into the swing of things after I taught her how to take some pictures.  I just opened up a Flickr account and added these pictures to the site as well (that’s what is hovering over to the left there).  What you can do is actually click on one of those photos and it’ll link right over to Flickr and one can peruse the photos.

    I know. I know. Sometimes, I find absolutely no joy in perusing other people’s photos, but it’s not like I’m really twisting your arm either. Like click here or something. <smile>

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