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Sorry, the site has been up and down intermittently for the past couple of weeks and I think I found the cause of the problem. Actually, before I try and take all the credit, because I’m such an extraordinaire computer consultant, I’ll have you know that Elizabeth actually figured it out. But I am still an extraordinaire computer consultant – I am. Well, basically, the network cable that I have hooked up to the server is a bit short and Elizabeth found out it wasn’t actually properly connected to the router.

What does this actually mean? Well, box 1 was not plugged into box 2.

I’ll have you know that Elizabeth actually came up with the interim solution as well. She racked her great mind, searching high and low, theorizing, accessing the outcomes for each scenario, reached for the heavy paperweight scotch tape dispenser and slammed it down atop the wire. “There ya go!” she said.

And we’re live.

We’ve been live for about two weeks so far this way. Although I don’t recommend it – it works. Well, it worked until I tripped on the wire a little while ago, but I’ll have you know, with a snap of my finger (and a shift of the heavy paper weighted scotch tape dispenser) we are back in business. Yeah, just like that.

But, I’ll have you know that I fixed Elizabeth’s Mac laptop the other day as well. For a while, her power cable was loose and depending on the position of the laptop, it may suddenly shut off. Well, I carefully scrutinized the assembly and after scampering through the house, I returned with a pipe wrench. I basically wound up pinching the adapter cable end and now the power adapter is no longer loose.

Yep, we are high tech with our heavy paperweight scotch tape dispensers and pipe wrenches.

Well … I know you didn’t come here to read about this stuff, so tell you what – Return back in the next few days or so and I let you guys in on a little secret we’ve had for a while – just haven’t figured out the right time to holler out just yet. But we are almost there. So, come on back and we’ll chat soon…

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