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Clap clap. Clap clap. I do like surprises. This one is kinda cool and we’ve been waiting so patiently for the right time to reveal this. And now, the time has come. Oh joy. Oh joy.

So here it is…

Bur first, here’s some background. We’ve always felt blessed for what we have. We know we work hard and we also are fortunate. But sometimes, just sometimes, things require that extra effort, and then even after that, we realize that what we work towards is still a bit further away. Even if certain events come naturally for others, it’s a bit more difficult for us. Universe is about balance and this is our counter-weight on the scale.

It’s always been pretty difficult for Elizabeth and I to conceive. Remember about 5 years ago, when we thought it may have been my mojo, had about 2 hours to deliver my *sample* and got stuck in New York City traffic? Yeah, that time. Well, the past few years, we’ve attempted to have a second child to no avail. Thoughts of In vitro fertilization entered our minds again. Truly an amazement in medical technology and on the wallet too, of course.

Well, In vitro wasn’t out of the question, but we wanted to exhaust our alternatives first. This included visiting infertility doctors and once again, hearing the same diagnosis of the low possibility of this and that – it’s pretty much a let down. So, with a last ditch effort months ago, we flew back across the country and visited the good ‘ol doctor in Queens. Nothing fancy, mind you, but he does get the job done.

Here is the irony – years ago, we came to the good ‘ol doctor and on one of the initial visits, he prescribed a simple well known medication (which we’ve tried already), but for some reason, it worked. It just plain did. Years later, we’ve tried the same medication over and over again, with no luck. So, we purchase some plane tickets and visit him again, and this time, he prescribed a different medication (this one, too, is very simple). We informed him that we now live in California and have flown across the country, and we were not really able to follow up as effectively as years ago and we wanted to ask what we should do if this medication did not work. His answer was surprisingly, “Well.. guess I would have to suggest for you to go see a specialist.”

All this time, we thought he *was* a specialist. Not only any specialist, but *THE* specialist. This doctor has helped many people get pregnant who have been having difficulties for years prior. Well anyway, we still believe he is truly touched – people have recommended him to us, and we recommend him to others as well.

And on the morning of my birthday, Nov 4 2007, Elizabeth awakens me with the surprise announcement. Excitingly, I hop over to the nearest supermarket and buy every brand of pregnancy test there is just to make sure. Elizabeth gleefully peed on every one of them and we joyously celebrated.

So, yes, we are expecting our second child (and have since found out it is going to be a boy) – due date is July 12th.  Hmm.. maybe twittering and flickring the delivery.  That would be very web2.0 of me heh? hmm.. or maybe not. 🙂

We recently visited a 3-D sonogram place and they captured these images.

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