So the thought occurred to me that I should finally get off my keister and finally publish that album.

I’m not really sure how to go about it, but honestly I thought, how difficult could it be? O.M.G. – yes, I believe that this the proper term. It would almost seem that the simple part would be to record the album, but I’ll need to break this down into its steps:

1. Write the songs
2. Record the tracks for each song
3. Edit the tracks for each song
4. Mix the tracks for each song
5. Master the album
6. Design the album art
7. Publish the album

All in all, I think the above steps are very accomplishable, and fun. And when people look back on this, steps 1 through 7 are the body of work. And this is where most albums do lay – in the iTunes graveyard, never to be seen again. I’m coming to realize there is step number 8 which is:

8. Market the album

This is where I’m somewhat lost, or totally dwarfed in knowledge. I know that marketing plays a role. The greatest album in the world, and band, would be no where – absolutely no where without marketing. There’s the concept of build it, and they will come. Sorry, I don’t believe in this utopian concept. Let’s just say that without marketing, even the Beatles would be no where. Having said this, this is where I’m dwarfed in fear and incapability.

With my fear of rejection, sales and marketing just have never been my stronghold. Oh, I need some help…

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