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Much ado about love – guess one is never too young. I just couldn’t believe that it would be so soon. This very incident happened about six months or so ago, about when Megan had just turned four. It’s just been on my mind since and I figured I’d better write about it before too many other experiences overlap this one. Fingers crossed it won’t be that soon.

One night, we had just tucked Megan in bed and she was fast starting to fall asleep. Nothing like the warm feeling of sleep embarking – so I thought. It was apparent that she wasn’t going to fall asleep just yet, but instead, was hanging onto a thought. She stiffened slightly as she spoke to me in a soft voice and told me about a boy.

I saw Raymond again today. He was walking this way and I was so happy. You know, I had to wait for him. I wanted him to sit next to me, but.. but.. then he didn’t…”

Her voice grew softer as she told me her story. She paused once then twice and couldn’t say another word, as she just welled up and started crying. And I could tell this wasn’t the same type of crying as wanting a toy she couldn’t have. This hurt came from the inside. All I could do was hold her and tell her it was going to be alright. Just hold her. My baby girl.

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