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Firstly, let me state that I’ve never regarded myself as a political person. I’ve always been one of those types of people that turn away upon someone asking me whether I was Democrat or Republican – I would politely excuse myself with a shrug and hope that the conversation would then change topics for it was either this or whimper with sheer boredom if the person continued chatting away.

But lately, I have been worrying a lot and maybe because I have a family now that I’m financially responsible for. I have mouths to feed and bills to pay. And with this responsibility, I peruse the direct and indirect events for me to earn a living. And there is a possibility that due to the state of the economy, in a few short months, I may be out of work. This would of course, suck at the uber-high level (that’s a Democratic term I think). So, I’ve been paying a lot of attention lately to who is going to be the next leader of the free world. And I listen carefully to the speeches and debates scrutinizing their words trying to find an inkling of who is going to guarantee me employment in the coming years and enable my family to keep what we have worked so hard these years for.

Now I’m starting to “get” why people are so political. I’m starting to understand their passion, for I’m starting to feel it too. I get a little giddy when I hear that things will get better and if their views match mine. I also get a little bit annoyed when politicians state they understand something and then follow it up with stating something idiotic. Maybe it bothers me too much, but I guess this is what being “political” is all about.

Well, I was going to end this rant by putting a link to [enter political party here], but I’ve always been annoyed a little bit when people did that. And I’ve always associated those people with all the stupidity of that political party moving forward (and they’ll eventually do something stupid – it’s a given). And I don’t really have any strong religious beliefs toward one party or the other anyway, but I do believe in one candidate’s views this time and I do hope he wins the Presidential election for I think at this point in time, my family will then get to keep what we’ve earned over the years.

And the other candidate is just a moron. Sorry. Not very PC of me – … has moron-ic views. There. That’s better. Rant over.

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