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I wanted to proudly display the great Father’s Day Cards I’ve been receiving in the past couple of years. They are quite phenomenal indeed. I also think they would provide some entertainment value as well, as you will soon see…

In reverse chronological order starting from this year – 2008 above. See? It’s actually pretty cool. Cause when you open the card, the little girl bear swoops around to kiss the daddy bear. I really enjoyed it – cause when I actually opened it, Megan watched me cafefully and planted one on my cheek.  I got the sensaround version.

2007 – Seeing how this site was not up during this time (or it was up, but I just let it collect Internet dust), I’ll have to be a little creative in displaying the card.  Also illustrated is what I was up to about a year ago – doing some online karaoke. Yeah, having a little fun with the old mic and webcam. Sure it wasn’t a great vocal performance, and quite pitchy at spots, but fun indeed. And of course, if you stick around to the end, you get a good view of my Father’s Day card.

The song is called, “Imitation of Life” by R.E.M. and it talks about the uniqueness of every person and beauty will present itself when a person just tries to be oneself – to be genuine.  Enjoy!

For those interested, the video was recorded using a webcam taped to the top of a tissue box, which was used as a mini-tripod to pivot the cam around 180 degrees in one swift motion.  Wearing a suit, I knelt down on the ground and lip-synced to my own karaoke recording (which is very imperfect, and also what is played back on the laptop display as per the video).  A little scotch tape and a fake cell phone call did the trick – I’m sure this is not how the pros do it.  I was actually taking a well-deserved needed break from doing actual work during this recording… a good creative breather.

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