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Megan is four and a half years old now. Time flies by so quickly and I can’t believe she’s grown so fast. She learns behaviors like a sponge and picks things up from wherever we may be. Sometimes we forget, but this constant learning is perpetual. And usually, ninety-nine percent of the time, these are normal. The other one percent, they are not so normal – but sometimes, they are just so fun.

So, last Saturday, Elizabeth, Megan, and I are driving along in the car. We were headed over to Megan’s weekly swim class. It’s not really that far away, about ten or so minutes I would say. And there Megan was, sitting in her car seat being her happy self.

“Wow!” she calls out, “I got a booger!”
“Oh really,” Elizabeth replies, “…that’s nice. Do you want a tissue?”
“No,” Megan replies, “I want to hold onto it reeeeaaaal tight… I wanna show my friend!”  We just bursted out in laughter.
“Oh no!” Megan cried out.
“What happened?” I asked.
“I dropped it,” she said.
“Quick!” I laughed, “Get another one!” Megan giggled.
“Daddy!” Elizabeth cried.

I guess that wasn’t the appropriate response?

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