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The dude that sits behind the big McDonald’s voice at the drive-thru window.  I didn’t think it was possible, but I did it.  I pissed him off.  It wasn’t really on purpose.  It was just more of the outcome of the event.  I do understand that there must be some gratitude of great power to be able to hide behind the large menu board magically knowing when people arrive to then properly announce, “Welcome to McDonald’s.  May I take your order?” leaving us just a little mystified wondering how they actually knew we were there to begin with.  But just alike the great wizard in the land of Oz, when Toto reaches behind and pulls away the curtain, I know every powerful position has it’s limitations. 

Okay.  So I was saying.  It wasn’t really on purpose.  It was an early morning and once in a blue moon, I get that hungering feeling for that special something – ah yes, that sausage patty laying there steamingly hot between a layer of preprocessed scrambled eggs and English muffins.  It was just one of those mornings.  And also, I was just too early bringing Megan into her Preschool – four minutes to be exact.

Four minutes.  Yep.  Four minutes is just enough time to swing the car around and hit up that Mickey D’s on the corner for a steaming hot breakfast sandwich in my toasty pudgy hands.  So, I pull up near the drive thru menu board and at that point, I hear rummaging around in the back as though Megan was trying to signal something to me.  I turn around and everything looked calm – it wasn’t anything.  I turn back around and proceed forward and I see the drive thru wizard, I mean, drive thru guy, looking at me sort of peculiar like.  Well, nonetheless, I just keep pulling forward towards him.

The drive thru wizard, I mean, drive thru guy, just appeared somewhat more miffed and with a quick dash disappears from the window, only to reappear a few seconds later.  “What are you doing?!” he exclaims, “You’re supposed to order over there.. pay over here.  Order over there.  Pay over here.  Ei-yayayayaa.  What am I going to do?!”  I sort of shrug my shoulders and smile thinking something like, ‘you’re not going to spit in my sandwich are you?’ 

Well, those few seconds felt like an eternity as he just stood there with a blank stare.  I really think he didn’t know what to do at that point.  A few more seconds passed and finally, in great surrender, he let out a huge sigh and called out under his breath, “…can I take your order?”

I thought about asking him to see a menu, but I figured it wasn’t a good time, so instead, “Yes, I’ll have a number two, just the sandwich… err.. thanks.”

Post-thought – After this, I did think about going to Burger King instead, but oh, those sausage sandwiches with the pre-processed scrambled eggs.  Mmm mmm, just can’t beat ’em.

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