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I’m having a difficult time trying to get over this cold.  There is so much I’d rather do.  I guess that’s how things are.  For the past couple of days, I’ve had this nasty cough – like a chest cold or something.  I could be fine for a couple of hours and suddenly, I’m crippled hacking my head off.  People near me don’t know what to think.  I’ve also been hauling around this pack of Hall’s cough drops and popping them like candy as though they would seem to help.

Just my head – it feels so foggy.  Great.  Not like I don’t have to actually *talk* to people while I’m all congested – I do.  Moreso in the next couple of days as compared to the usual.  Which I guess, just adds to the surreal experience of it all.

So, during the day, I go through a cycle of controlled coughing sprees.  While at night, right before I go to bed and my body is horizontal, I hack so hard that it feels that I’m flipping my lungs inside out.  Man, my throat is so itchy, I wish I could just use one of those brush cleaners and just use that.

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