Bloggish Day 6 – Something about the frosty air here that just rekindles memoirs and creates new ones. Being winter time in the Northeast, New York City, to be exact, I find myself wearing a large bulky ski parka, with a scarf, hat and gloves. It’s not time yet to start snowing.  Maybe in another week or two.  But the air is sure crisp and chilled.  And when the wind gusts pass by, it can bite through the layers of coats and sweaters and feels like it will just freeze into your bones.  But when it’s still, although just for a few  moments, it’s as though the air just crystalizes into thin ice flakes.

Have to say, that this is the perfect whether for a warm cup of hot chocolate.  Taking a sip while stepping out into the crisp, frosty air for that first breath…

“There’s just so much more to say…”

Come back tomorrow and we’ll chat.

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