Bloggish Day 3 — I’m finding out today that its difficult to just let go. Every day for a while, I’ve always monitored Julian’s sleep. Being on vacation staying here at my parents’ place for the past week, we’ve all slept in the same room. And every time that Julian may just hesitate in his sleep, I’m jolted awake wondering if he’s okay…

He has nightmares every night for as long as I can remember. Sometimes, they are just small quivers that wake him. Other times, they may get violent — where he kicks and punches. Nonetheless, all the time, what calms him is that I hug him tight and let him know that Daddy is right here. This calms him back to a restful slumber.

I know the day is going to come that I need to let his non-quiet slumbers ride out, and their own resolutions will make be. He may be ready for this day… But, I just am not.. not just yet.

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