Bloggish Day 2 – Driving in the car earlier, the whole family talked about what our New Years resolutions were going to be for 2017…

Megan: “I wanted to complete three songs, or at least two songs, by the time of the BTS concert on April 1st. This way, my trip to LA and the BTS concert will be my first blog video.”

Julian: “To visit every theme park I can! Disneyland, Legoland, everything-land. And eat all the candy I can!”

Elizabeth: “Number one – to take care of baby. Number two – to have a mommy makeover!”

Me: “Number one – to take care of baby. Number two – to write down the songs in my heart and head. Number three – play these songs live somewhere. Number four – not to limit myself fitness-wise. Train for a marathon.”

I’m just grateful that I think this year, I can try to get back on track. Last year, I had to take care of the work situation. Which is utterly important and foundational. As long as that’s cruising along now, time to progress along on other things.

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