I haven’t written in a while and usually, there are a few reasons for my being so out of touch.  Either I’ve been tremendously busy, or life has just gotten bad enough that I’ve decided to isolate away from sharing or documenting anything.  Unfortunately, it’s due to both.  Lessons learned, the last time this happened, I missed out on about four years of my life and part of me just knew that I can’t let that happen again.

Well, like I was saying – life has gotten a little bit busier and a little bit tougher as well.  As the family adjusts to welcoming the new member, Megan and Julian have been ridiculed with mysterious fevers over the course of the previous month.  I can write about this now peacefully for the fevers, pneumonia, viral infections, and extended stays at the hospital have now passed, but going through them was just no fun.  Being the father of the family, supposedly the one with the level head, it was challenging to keep perceptions objectively and see that we will get through this.  Outward expressions may have seemed calm as stone, but believe me, the innards were growling havoc like assorted firecrackers in a campfire.

The other event that has been a continuing drama in the recent months has to do with my father who is in New York City – a country length away from me.  I’m not ready to share too much about this at this time, for maybe part of me is still wrestling with the acceptance of what may be really going on.  And maybe if I just outwardly state what is happening may somehow throw my ball of emotions, full of sadness and guilt, against a wall to watch it splatter – I just wouldn’t know how to cope with it really.  So, I just won’t.  Not right now.

Today, as I live life, I know things will get better, or different.  They always do.

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