So I don’t get it. I understand that in the beginning of reinventing this site, I’d run into a hiccup here and there, but sometimes things are just not motivating. So I decided to sign up to run some Google Ads. Not really the type where I’d litter every spare ounce of white space real estate with ads hoping that you’d click on something and make me a cent or two – although an extra cent or two can’t really hurt – it’s just not my style. But I figured why not? And maybe the site can just make enough money to pay for itself – hosting fees, etc..,

Well, these ads – there’re supposed to be somewhat intelligent these days. The logic is that they assume the content on the current page is somewhat interesting to the user, therefore, they’ll display some ads that may be relative to a handful of key words picked out from the page. Well, I’m all for that… almost. So, I integrate the ads and guess what? I start to see ads about depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. WTF?

My initial instinct is to write a little nasty gram to Google to inquire about the quality of the ads, then I start to wonder…

Is this slightly obsessive of me to worry about these ads? Waitaminute… or is the content on this site a textbook case of a depressed person who may from time to time, display obsessive compulsive behavior? Or wait, does the content on this site downright just depress people or somehow throw them into a fit of obsessive rage of sorts? Well, I wouldn’t really consider myself depressed, but I just can’t win.

Or maybe it’s just me, and all introductory ads start with depression and obsessive compulsive disorder? Why can’t it be something like happy happy joy joy Ren and Stimpy ads?

Well, before we think about it too much and a few page refreshes, the ads correct themselves and are now more specific to the actual content. I am a bit curious about what ads will show up for this entry though for it’s about the ads themselves, but just to confuse things a bit, I’ll add the following key words to help mix it up – Big Boys Big Girls Depression Medication Pharmaceuticals Sale Spam

This ought to be good… look below.

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