Election activities were just completed and after a harrowing amount of days counting votes, Joe Biden is the new President-Elect and Kamala Harris is the new Vice President-Elect. I could not be happier. Historically, this election yielded the most votes ever and this was probably because so many people felt as strongly about this election too. For me, it was personal. Very very personal.

I have to say that it was not so much what Biden – Harris stood for, but who and what ideals they stood against. You see, Trump, and all his ideals, for the last four years as President of the United States, really took on the form as one who utilized divisiveness as a tool to gain momentum for his own ideals. What this means is that he valued pitting people against each other. And he did so in the most vicious manner — enabling prejudices among Americans. Against Muslim Americans. Against Hispanic Americans. Against Asian Americans. Against African Americans.. the list continues.

Now why should I care? And I do. Very much so.

Because I was born and raised in this country, in New York City, and I have horrific memories of experiences that I wish I never had of while my childhood, where I have been beaten, chased, yelled “CHINK!” on numerous occasions all because I am Asian. And not from other kids. This is the sad part – yes, from adults as well. I learned to shrug it off. My parents would tell me to ignore people who treated me like this. To cross the street when I saw the bad people coming. To stay quiet and they’ll go away. As I grew older, they did eventually did. The world started changing. America started evolving. Like a sickly disease, mass racial prejudices eventually eroded into a bad memory. Did it scar me deeply? Do I cringe and take things a bit too personally if someone jokes about my race? It most certainly does.

But I have to say, it does bother me when I see the President of the United States, someone who is supposed to be my president act in a similar victimizing manner towards others? When I see supporters of Trump also who wear Maga caps yell racial obscenities toward others? Where I notice Trump not denounce, but instead, enable these acts? I have to say that it brings up these bad memories of mine and yeah, it surely fucking does bother me. Very much so. I take it personally. Very personally. It makes my blood boil.

And what do I think of many others who continue to support Trump? I rationalize and need to believe that my friends who support him, do so for other beliefs. Maybe for tax reasons or other policy enablements – this is honorable and everyone is entitled to their own positive opinions. Maybe they don’t have racial prejudice scarring and truly just want another stimulus check. I totally get it. A big thumbs up for you. But if you stood for divisiveness and racial prejudices and utilized Trump as your vehicle to hold this right — then this is just wrong.

Yes, I grew up with a pretty good childhood, with some vicious scarring memories — and I do feel the need to protect my children and enable their world to be a bit more bright.

So congratulations to President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris – I anxiously voted for you and so very happy that you won. Know that your presence is greatly welcomed, appreciated, and anticipated.

Let this be the first sign of a positive 2021… cause 2020 has been just too freaky.