Bloggish Day 5 – Elizabeth and I went to the gym today in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. It was a pretty nifty place for they had a running track that surrounded the gym and enabled people like myself to prance around on a short track around the perimeter. It only measured about a tenth of a mile per lap, but it sure beat running on a treadmill, well sort of… until I glanced at Elizabeth below.

It wasn’t so much what she was doing, but instead, I found that there was this guy obviously, checking her out! And then approaching her!

…I found myself feeling a bit jealous! protective!

I’ve always thought that jealousy stemmed from some self insecurity, and I thought that our relationship, nearly 20 years now was very secure. But something just gut wrenchingly, ate me out from the inside of just the thought that she may entertain this guy in some, even friendly, way… Well, err…

Oh… my world would be destroyed. I don’t like this. šŸ™