This is a repost of the original “Megan’s Home Movie Preview” that was released in June 2, 2008. This was my first video and I have since redone the background music which is now myself playing The Alphabet song on an acoustic guitar.

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This video was created in 2005 and featured our only child at the time, Megan. It consisted of a compilation of pictures and some spare videos footage I found laying still on our point and shoot camera.

Commentary – The video was short, for that’s all the footage that I really found without having to rustle together several minutes worth of pictures making it more into a slideshow. I wanted to keep it short and sweet. Hence, the simplistic music. Also, I haven’t really touched an instrument in years at this point, nor did I have any in the local vicinity.

This short video also symbolized the finding of some peace – and a start for our young family. Cause you see, the last couple of years prior were really a struggle for us, and tried the strength of our relationship as a family as well. We had constantly moved from New York City, to Houston, back to New York, and finally out to the San Fransisco Bay Area to find some ressemblance of stability – to raise a family, to find stable work, to find balance. (You will notice the presence of living out of suitcases in some of the video shots.)

In the summer of 2005, after looking on craigslist (an online resource to help find apartment subleases among other things), we moved out to San Francisco for the summer to “try things”. After the summer, if we found things stable enough, we would then rent a place and ship the rest of our belongings out. The short video is a snapshot of Megan, resting on a chair of our dining table, with a sport coat that I used to wear to work.

Life is short – your family is core to everything. Your kids will grow quickly. Cherish them. Cherish life.

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