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An acoustic cover of Rosi Golan’s “Hazy” as performed by Megan Knight (who is 9 years old at the time of this recording) and Peter Knight (her father, who is a few years older than 9).

Changing the first line of this song changed the meaning and perception of this entire song altogether – from that from a woman and a man to a song of that from a child and their parent. Both verses, whose words are identical have separate yet similar meanings from a child and from a parent.

“A relationship between a parent and child is unique and strong, and will evolve through time. I hope that one day, Megan, you will be able to grasp the full meaning of this song, from all perspectives. I love you – Daddy.”

Original song written by Rosi Golan, Richard Emanuel Lobb, Iain Archer
Published by Kobalt Music Pub America OBO Kosher Kandy, Songs of Universal Inc. OBO Reverb Music Ltd., Kobalt Music Pub America OBO Kobalt Music Services Ltd. Kms.

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