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Gone is the sexy customized web site that precluded all the modern day blogging software. Gone is the mailing list that shot out carefully written entries to hundreds of people. Gone are the hundreds of people. No more mailing lists, no more frequent visitors to the site. It’s a different world now and I know that people have grown tired of visiting a stale old site that didn’t change a pixel since August 23, 2004.

And the inquisitive question is “What happened?”

And the answer is … life. Things just got very busy. Simple actually. I wish it were more complex, but it really isn’t. So did we really ride off into the sunset and become true entrepreneurs in the City of Houston? Ironically, I wish that answer were a bit more simple. Not exactly.

Well, more will be revealed as time goes on. But for the mean time, I think I’d really like to say that today, Elizabeth, Megan, and I are doing fine. Life is different from what we could’ve predicted from four years ago. Stay tuned…

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