Nov 2007 – Elizabeth’s Compact Disc

This was a very interesting project and served as an introduction back into music production – a vastly different set of tools since the last time I’ve touched things since the late-80s. In a nutshell, there are no more dependencies on outboard gear hooked onto multi-track recorders. Mostly everything these days can be mixed and mastered digitally on computers.

Elizabeth’s CD was called “Uyen – Le Da”. The CD contained mainly Vietnamese ballads that Elizabeth has cherished over the years. The meaning of the album name includes Uyen, being Elizabeth’s Vietnamese name, and Le Dabeing the chosen title song of the album. It was actually devoted to her family and relatives whom mainly reside in Houston. The album was completed by Thanksgiving of 2007.

To my family,

We find ourselves in a very unique time in our lives. Our families and relatives are ever growing and expanding on to younger generations. Today, what used to be young is now a bit more mature. What was mature is a bit more wise. Life moves so fast and lives are so busy. We do not get the chance to see each other, to play together, as often as we would like to. Please accept this gift – as to me, it represents holding a treasure chest in time for once we were all forever young.

With Love, Uyen


Below are the tracks – enjoy:

Track 1 – Mong Sau (Uyen):

Track 2 – Yeu Anh Dai Lau (Uyen):

Track 3 – Trung Vung Mua Thu (Uyen):

Track 4 – Le Da (Uyen):

Track 5 – Man on the Moon (Peter):

Track 6 – True Colors (for Megan) (Peter with special introduction by Megan):

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