Naps have a reputation of being useless; they suck up time and leave you disorientated and confused instead of refreshed. But I strongly disagree for the most part. Naps are the best. They’re fun, satisfying, and an all-around quality activity. Of course, naps are great in bed, on a couch, or somewhere comfortable in general, but they are truly a time vacuum. They take up 2-3 hours that I could use for editing, writing, or thinking about what to post on social media without actually posting.

So I nap in class instead.

Please don’t get the wrong idea from this statement, I am a decent student. I have a 4.0 GPA and I have a good grasp on the concepts we learn at school. But sometimes we review something in class that I’ve been learning for the past five years and I just…zzz. For the most part, my teachers don’t seem to mind and I’ve only been caught once. And by doing it in class, I only nap for ten minutes to half an hour, so wasting time isn’t an issue. I carry a small pillow in my backpack (I’m surprised my parents haven’t noticed) just in case and it definitely comes in handy. Plus, they haven’t done any harm to my grades…for now.

I’m sorry, mom and dad.


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