Hello, this is Megan Knight and this is my first official blog entry on the site!

I haven’t been counting down days. I really should have been counting down days. The concert is in less than a week. That means:

  • Less than a week to plan the vlog that I will be filming
  • Less than a week to mentally prepare myself for everything that will go down
  • Less than a week to write my will because the excitement will be so much that I could potentially…let’s not talk about that

There will be screaming, maybe even sobbing, teenage girls such as myself. My ears will never be the same. Ears don’t matter that much, right? My friends and multiple fans online have mentioned that people tend to look uglier on camera. Basically what they’re saying is that BTS, who already look ethereal on camera (they look ethereal don’t argue), will look even better in person. As embarrassing as it is, I’ve come close to crying just by looking at photos…there is a (large) possibility that I may cry at this concert. My mental vow to never cry on camera will be broken by my second video. Here’s the part where I think of a witty sentence to defend myself and my pride, but I can’t seem to come up with anything so I’ll write this instead.

I honestly don’t know what to expect. I’ve been trying my hardest to not watch the live streams of the concert on Twitter, so I know close to nothing about what the concert will look like. I’ll be blown away, that’s for sure. BTS never fails to do that and I love it. I wonder if they’ll perform a few of their old songs, I wonder if they’ll have a super emotional speech in their (limited and slightly cringy but still adorable) English, I wonder if they’ll, this is the most important one, film another season of American Hustle Life, a show they filmed in 2014 where they learned more about hip hop and were taught by various artists like Coolio and Warren G. But, even if they did film another season, I’d probably never watch it. It would bring me flashbacks of extreme secondhand embarrassment from the first season. As much as I love BTS, never again should they themselves cast girls for a music video. Never again.

Browsing online, I have a few concerns for BTS. Soompi, a news outlet for Kpop news, recently wrote an article that Jimin has been receiving death threats. I hope Jimin isn’t too shaken by these threats and I hope that the venue will make the necessary adjustments to keep him and the other members safe. Checking BTS’s twitter, they seem to be flying in and out of destinations the night before and after concerts. I don’t want to be that fan, but I hope that they’re getting a good amount of rest and staying healthy. Sure, they’re celebrities. By choosing this lifestyle, they have to sacrifice a few things such as much needed sleep and their fear of getting shot on stage. Their fans are much more important than those insignificant details. I know, I don’t care. BTS, please just stay safe and healthy!

I realize now that I’m writing a lot without any context. I’ll try to sum this up as quickly as possible.

  • BTS is a Kpop group that consists of seven members (from oldest to youngest): Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, and Jungkook; they are currently on their Wings Tour
  • Jimin is one of the vocalists in BTS and has been receiving death threats by an anti-fan
  • American Hustle Life was a show where BTS traveled to LA and learned more about hip hop by various celebrities; one of their ‘projects’ was to film a hip hop version of one of their music videos in which they themselves had to street cast girls to act in the music video using their limited English
    • In my opinion, this show was very hard to watch (hence why I haven’t watched the whole thing). I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s say that the BTS members weren’t treated all that well from the very start of the show. Of course, I don’t mind a little bit of teasing, but a lot of the show was hard to sit through so I just chose to not watch it
    • Additionally, I couldn’t help but feel curious when rumors of a second season arose. If a second season is broadcasted, I wonder if BTS will be treated better this time around now that their status has notably risen

This blog entry is quite lengthy…but I’m not done yet so sit tight. I have a lot to say.

After the concert, we’ll most likely be going to Koreatown. Last time we went to Koreatown, we didn’t do much since we just stopped by on the way home from Legoland. A friend of mine, who has been there on multiple occasions, told me a lot about it. They supposedly have great food (mental reminder to try samgyeopsal) and a lot of Kpop merchandise. It’ll be great.

A few hours prior to writing this, I had a short conversation with my parents:

Dad: Did you want to try those cold noodles again?

Me: Ye-

Mom: No, you shouldn’t take her to that restaurant again. It wasn’t good.

To be honest, she’s pretty right. The food wasn’t good at all. I don’t know if it’s just my general distaste for Korean food (I don’t hate it, but I would probably pass if I had a choice) or if the food was genuinely bad. But this one restaurant is special. Not really, I’m exaggerating, but I really wanted to go back. Anyway, back to the conversation.

Me: But the boba there was really good!

*In a Steve Irwin voice* And here you can witness a frantic Megan Knight hopelessly searching for an excuse to return to that one mediocre restaurant.

Mom: You’ll be in Koreatown. There will be boba everywhere.

Me: Dad, can we please just go to that restaurant again?

Dad: We’ll see.

The truth is…there was a really cute waiter that was (and hopefully still is) working there. But of course, I would never say that out loud.

Sorry future husband.

~Megan Knight